Switchwords for Spiritual Growth

The following switchword phrase will assist you with increasing your personal abilities, working miracles and extraordinary accomplishments, breathing Light into dark situations, lifting your spirits/dispelling the blues and inferiority complexes, and achieving mastery over your life. (more…)

Switchwords for Clearing Negativity

No, this is not a little diddy about a preferred sexual lifestyle, and there’s no judgment if that’s your schtick! This is merely a brief writing about how you can TRULY create an extraordinary life… simply by consciously entering The Theta Zone©! (more…)

Switchword Activations

What are Switchwords? Switchwords are one word affirmations, or bite sized wonders, that hold the key to instantly shift whatever you want to shift, and change in your life. (Learn more about them in this post. )   Create Profound Shifts in Every Area of Your...