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I am going to do my damnedest to pull a card from my previous post, and keep this one as positive as I possibly can. [takes a deep breath]

Many moons ago, I wrote a lot about angels, angelic assistance, and the like. And for a bit now, I have been writing about the other aspect known as Demons/Daemons of the same realm. Now, you may be wondering how I got from Aleister Crowley to this conversation.  Well, you have one of my favorite films, Constantine, to thank.

I literally just hit pause on what must be my gazillionth viewing to write this post because a particular scene prompted me to do so.

It has to do with an angel standing idly by while a demon manipulates a human to the point of said human’s demise.  This scene got me to thinking why people even bother with angels when it would seem that Demons are more prone to interact —whether we want them to or not.

Let us explore what a woman who discusses all things angels has to say as to why angels refuse to answer us lowly humans.

As long as your request is positive and doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s free will, and does not interfere with your life plan, then the Angels will be able to answer your call.


I get the “positive” and “anyone else’s free will” bits.  I just do not understand why an angel will sit back if one is looking to shift their life plan because fate is not set in stone!  So, folks are praying and praying while those snobby Bs are just gonna take a knee until it fits their fancy?


I tried.

This post went South with a quickness.

Oh well.

I am miffed.

And I shall express it fully!

Moving on.

If all beings are a reflection of one another then it would seem fitting to seek assistance from an aspect of ourselves that is sorta-kinda-but-not-really of this realm AND for those aspects to respond!

Or is it just me?

Additionally, if you are seeking assistance from “the church”, you will only receive it if

  1. You are baptized.
  2. You are a member of their congregation.

TF… again!

Moving on.

Another website asked the reader to ponder whether “the stars were aligned”?

Oh my ME! Seriously! Now, we have to rely on the luminaries to be in a certain position before those snobby aspects will reach out?!?

All aboard the NOPE Train!

I will stick with my Daemons and other mirrors, and let the angels gaze upon the magnificence that is my middle finger!

I’m done!

May you “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” and choose to be the embodiment of your TRUE essence now!