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Daemonic Invocation: Prosperity and Abundance

Speaking to any energy other than “God” or an ‘angel” when in need oft times makes some folks go batshit because their minds simply cannot handle that other energies can assist. What follows are words, for the open-minded, to use during ritual or any time one wants to feel the presence of the invoked.


99 Days with The Daemon

Today marks day one of my attempt to meditate in Balg’s Circle of Pacts (known now as the Universal Circle) and call upon The Daemon of the Other Realm for 99 days in a row.  In doing so, I hope to strengthen my connection to The Other Side while maintaining its frequency in my daily endeavors.


Activating The Black Flame

The Black Flame is the essence that dwells within us all; the essence that is our Godhood; our Divinity, and this post will assist you to activate it fully within yourself.


The Dark Side of The Zodiac

In Tropical/Western Astrology, I am a Capricorn.  However, some would say that Sidereal Astrology is more accurate, therefore, you will find me playing in the field of Sagittarius. (more…)