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The Black Flame is the essence that dwells within us all; the essence that is our Godhood; our Divinity, and this post will assist you to activate it fully within yourself.

Switchwords for Invoking the Black Flame

  • PURGE – to clear negativity
  • ARISE – to bring into being; materialize
  • ON – to create new ideas
  • ABIDE- to accept/reside within all that is; wishes come true
  • DIVINE – to create miracles



21-Day Black Flame “Challenge”

1. Sitting in a darkened room, center yourself by taking a few deep breaths.

2. Visualize with each in-breath that you are inhaling the Black Flame, and with each out-breath, you are exhaling anything less than the Black Flame.

3. Continue breathing and visualizing the Black Flame as you speak the Switchphrase 99 times.

By invoking the Black Flame, you will experience greater awareness, clarity, and personal power.