I do not know what road you traveled that led you to my blog.  I am, however, very grateful that you are here.

My site holds several purposes…

I use it as a means to help me release, through writing, many of the things I would love to say out loud, but choose not to do so because writing is a more eloquent delivery method (for me, that is).

I use it to lay in words the forgiveness I have not offered face-to-face. Again, doing so through written word affords me the space to offer said forgiveness in a more eloquent and organized way.

I use it as a diary; a means to lay out my life’s story. Perhaps in doing so, others may find healing for themselves.

This site also gives me the space to write about the things that help me be my most authentic Self and live fully in all that I AM.

I mostly write when something wants to be expressed through me.

It my deepest intention that my musings and other sharings greatly support you with your journey.

Interesting Facts

  • I have been writing ever since I wrote my mom a poem… when I was a ridiculously cute kindergartner.
  • I am an Army brat  (ages 4 through 18), U.S. Navy veteran (ages 18-23) and Air National Guard Reservist (ages 23 – 26).
  • The 12-flavor Gummi bears made by Albanese Confectionery are beyond deelish! I wish they were vegan!
  • I feel I am getting younger the older I get.  Must be a “Benjamin Buttons” thing! Here’s hoping I don’t regress to infancy. 😉
  • I don’t like big butts. This I cannot deny. 😀


It’s all Divine!
I just love how life rhymes!™
Don’t let other people paint YOUR masterpiece! It’s YOUR life; YOUR canvas!
I Get Gemstoned!™
If your life’s in lack… a chakra’s outta whack!™


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SIDEBAR: If you are looking for someone to review your book on Autism, I am not the person to contact as I do not do those types of reviews.

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