A little over a year ago, I began playing my version of Abraham-Hicks’ Prosperity Game. In my version, I was to circulate — out in the world — $1,000,000,000,000.00. That’s ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!  Well, I got as far as $428,775,306,368.00, and believe me when I say that is a lot of moolah to circulate.

In the beginning, I was pretty resistant with the amounts I was receiving. However, spending them was not an issue.

After a while, it all became really fun, particularly, when I reached the point where I was donating more than I was keeping.

May your money vibration increase and your money worries fall to the wayside.

Here’s to your wealth!

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Daily GAME Rules

Rule #1

Watch the video below to fully activate your Root Chakra (1st; Muladhara).

Rule #2

Spend each deposit on the day it is received.

Rule #3

Do not spend more than you receive.

Rule #4

No saving for … college, or a rainy day. You are financially loaded. Act like it!

Rule #5

No hand outs (verifiable charitable donations excluded).

Rule #6

No guessing. If you are buying a car, real estate, or whatever… get the real amount.

Rule #7

Start calling your bills, “monthly thank you’s”. Pay them with a smile on your face.

Rule #8

Pay attention to how you feel as you receive the deposit and circulate it. If you do not feel good, take a deep breath until the feeling passes.

DAILY Deposits

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