Nothing Amazing about this Grace

I guess the title of this post has you stumped.  Well, my friend, I am about to write about the “Christian” hymn known as Amazing Grace. Why?

Because over 80% of POC sing this crap to high heaven not giving a-good goddamn as to its history.  TF?!?

I have many issues with a POC who reads any bible version (e.g. KJV, NIV, etc.) and spew its words as if they are truth. SO dumb. Like I mentioned in a previous post, that volume of books is filled with more horror than every horror movie ever made!


I have an issue reciting words that had been beaten and raped into the minds and bodies of my ancestors until they submitted.  Yes, I am repeating myself because I deem it necessary to do so.

I have an issue with a POC snubbing their nose at me like I am the one who is mentally enslaved; the one who has lost her way. Really? My book, In My Mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism, was published nearly a decade ago by a CHRISTIAN publisher, and guess what? In early 2017, they were shut down because the Founder, Richard Tate, and CEO, Ryan Tate (his son) was BOTH arrested on embezzlement and extortion charges!

Mkay.  I am the one who is lost!

Get TF outta here!!!

Back to the song.

If a WP wants to sing this song.  Let them.  A POC? Not so much! And here is why.

A former slave trader did compose one of the most moving hymns of our times.

Newton’s storm-driven adoption of Christianity didn’t change him all that much; he continued to make his living from the slave trade for many years afterwards and only left the trade when his wife insisted upon their living a settled life in England. (Indeed, less than a year after his storm-driven conversion, Newton was back in Africa, brokering the purchase of newly-captured blacks and taking yet another “African wife” while there.


Yeah.  That happened.

This fool called himself a “Christian” while continuing to benefit from the horrific mistreatment of a people.  I am also certain that the taking of “yet another African wife” was by force because my ancestors damn sure did not have any free will during that time.

Moving on.

The next time a POC chooses to sing this song, they need to remember the fool who wrote it.  They need to conjure his ass from the spirit realm and proceed to curse his spirit to the deepest depths of their hell.


When will these sheep awaken?

Hopefully, very soon.

May you “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” and choose to be the embodiment of your TRUE essence now!